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The school recruits the officials, to see which of you have fixed

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The coolness of the late summer and early autumn and the burning of the school’s propaganda Colliding with more beautiful youth and dreams in October With the last preaching ended in the applause of the Jiaxing students
The coolness of the late summer and early autumn and the burning of the school’s propaganda
Colliding with more beautiful youth and dreams in October
With the last preaching ended in the applause of the Jiaxing students
Tingjiang new material 2019 autumn trick perfect ending
4 universities in 4 cities in October
Every time there is a presentation, there are students who are passionately accompanied.
Every one of you
Let Tingjiang feel the youthful vitality and wit
Hundreds of young faces
Hundreds of personality and strength
We have seen the brave appearance of many young and new forces without fear of challenges.
In the future, Tingjiang is also looking forward to working with you.
Dare to be better yourself!
The school recruited us to bring the class to the campus.
Dr. Li Jing's wonderful and practical teaching
Full attendance rate
The end of the presentation is not the end of the challenge
The new life journey has just begun
Endless future
Don't negate yourself because of school failure
Good opportunity
Don't miss the hand-pushing river because of hesitation
We are looking forward to the confidence of a brave young boy who is purely original.
Dare to be better yourself
Tingjiang Xincai 2019 campus recruitment is still in progress
There will be countless Tingjiang moments in the future.
Grab the last opportunity
We are still looking forward to your resume!
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