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Introduction to the performance and application of stiff acrylic TJ-R5538

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The product has good acid and chrome resistance, medium molecular weight and excellent permeability. It can be applied to before and after chrome retanning, neutralization, main filling, and fatliquoring process. 
The stiff acrylic TJ-R5538 has a pale yellow viscous liquid, anionic, and effective content (%): 32 ± 2.0.
The product has good acid and chrome resistance, medium molecular weight and excellent permeability. It can be applied to before and after chrome retanning, neutralization, main filling, and fatliquoring process. It has excellent filling and optional properties. After application, the skin blank is firm and stiff, with bone and good elasticity. It is especially suitable for the reclamation of tight-fitting leather. It has good light and heat resistance, so it is also suitable for retanning of white and light leather.
Reference dosage: used before and after chromium retanning: 2.0-4.0%; used for filling: 3.0-5.0%; used for fatliquoring: 2.0-4.0%.

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